French Artists represented

April 26, 2020, 3:03 pm

Benoit Chateau

Benoit Château is a French artist based in South of France. Before becoming an artist, he has been an interior decorator and designer since 2009.

Passionate about all kind of art, due to his family environment: painting, photography, sculpture, crafts and architecture, he gradually created a world to express his sensitivity and imagination. Paintings has started to appear in his decoration works. Here below, his creations in black and white is inspired by blurred photographs from his father.  

Landscape#1 (125*150)

Some of his creations are abstract, but the colors he uses seem to claim their identity. His oil paintings are frequently covered by resin after their first layers, which creates multicolored board composition, as the first color panels from Mark Rothko.

Nature Fossile-6 (150*109)

On other paintings, he uses pastel and oil painting to let appear an old poster. They are rubbed as if they were just taken from the street and erased by the rain and the time. A way for the artist to remind that nothing is eternal, even his works.

Affiche-2 (110*75)

In his last creations, he uses busts of manikin as a support to create figurative images and optical illusions.

Emanuelle (60*50) and Zeus (64*44)

Light effects on the shape of the bodies are impressive, full of elegance and darkness.

You can discover more about Benoit Chateau and his works of art on his website :

François Millon

François Millon is a French artist, who has already exposed his works in a lot of exhibitions in France. He was also resident at Zunyi (China) in 2016, where he presented his paintings in TU CHENG Museum.

This painter draws his inspiration from his travels. From Africa, he brought his provocative colors and various texture as sands, woods or paper. His spotted paintings remind aboriginal art, he discovered in Australia. Whereas, the introduction of calligraphic characters evokes Chinese thought.

The mixing of all these movements creates a painting full of life, lost in time between rocks paintings of prehistory and abstract art from Kandinsky.

Without title, Mix media canvas, 200*120

In the painting herebelow, a silhouette appears. Once again, the way of painting reminds primitive art, but the concept behind the tableau seems to go further. The thick black circle at the left side seems to indicate a concept of emptiness. Its creates an opposition face to the silhouette. As if François Millon, in this painting, wanted to highlight the Chinese concept of balance between emptiness and fullness, between ying and yang.

Without title, Mix media canvas, 100*100

The painting below, focused on one head, could be based on the same principles. From outside view, the appearance of the human body is only distinguished in white in the middle of a black background. But, if you dig into it, you can discover all the complexity of his mind, through symbols and colors.

Head, Mix media canvas, 200*200

In another painting series, the artist wanted to play with the infinite. He started to use cardboard cylinders to create a work of art in three dimensions.

Inspired from Tibetan prayer wheels, these columns are full of mystery. As if a very old legend was written on it and was recounted infinitely. 

You can discover more about François Millon and his works of art on his website :

Laveissière Père & Mère

Ce lien est pour vous !!!

Philippe Moller

Philippe Moller is a French artist specialized in abstract art.

As a self-taught artist, he learnt painting with his mother, who was figurative painter and paintings conservator. He was quickly attracted by abstract art, which was for him a land of liberty. The painting was not admired for what it represents anymore but for its essence itself.

Kandinsky inspires him a lot, he starts creating his paintings by finding a harmony between the different shapes. Then when the balance is achieved, he brings the colors, more or less intense or pale, depending on his inspiration. 

Mise en movement, 80*80, 2014

In most of his paintings, a circular motion is noticeable with a central shape in the middle. This circular aspect encourages the spectator to meditate and reach a serene state of mind.

His favorite media are oil painting or colored inks, but sometimes, he uses sands or tissue mounted on canvas to create a relief.

Déclinaison de gris n°2, 50*61, 2014

More recently, in 2017, curves were replaced by lines. The central movement disappears and let a work of construction/deconstruction get on. His works reminds Mondrian, for whom the harmony of the colors and the shapes were the first goal.

Nuit urbaine, 80*80, 2017

You can discover more about Philippe Moller and his works of art here :

Stella Kaloudis

Stella Kaloudis is a Greek French artist. She has always been passionate about photography.

From a very young age, she developed an eye for life around her and took many pictures with her first boy friend F.Lepinay ( he later became a globe trotter photographer)

She lived and worked for 25 year in England, worked as a teacher, had three children and travelled extensively around the world taking as many pictures as she could of her family. In 2007, she came back to live in France and decided to settle in Bordeaux, in the South West of France. It is at this stage that she discovered some amazing characters though the lens of her camera.

Homo Aquarius, 70*50, 2014

From the water coming out of ground level fountains she could see some human shapes ! People who can see or feel energy are also able to learn to master it. Stella explains : I stand there and watch and feel, then I form an intention in my head and when I can feel a presence.. that's when I start shooting”. My camera is my only witness !

Stella Kaloudis, who also works as a trainer in metapedagogy with the Upbraining method and is very much aquainted with neurosciences and cognitive developement, positions herself as the revealer of this energy. She dares say: “You can create your reality and this is the proof! “

Looking for Humans, 40*80, 2014

She does not spend much time on software to improve her photos (She refuses to waste time on editing what reality gives her already), she just lets reality express itself and waits for the perfect moment. She calls her work Quantic or Quantum photography to express the idea that “the observer impacts on the result of an experience” exactly like in Quantum physics.

She is able to capture unique events. She is bringing to the world a magical and mysterious sense of unreal within the real . Her vision of the world leaves no one untouched ! Seeing is believing !

Not scared !, 50*40, 2015

You can discover more about Stella Kaloudis and her works of art here :

Abbas Khodavesi

Abbas Khodavesi left his native country, Iran, for France in 1979. After a few years of study at the Faculty of Architecture of Lille, he started self-taught as interior designer. From his earliest projects, his interest in curves, geometric lines, and human forms is expressed through his bold and very modern works of art. There followed more than twenty years of decoration, ranging from Parisian apartments to Marseille shops.

More recently, strongly encouraged by his family, Abbas Khodavesi has made the choice to devote himself fully into the realization of his works.

Abbas Khodavesi draws his inspiration from characters and popular thematics. He anchors his work in the two cultures: both the Iranian culture in which he grew up until his twenties and the French culture he adopted later.
The figures and silhouettes he makes refer to figures of Persian mythology.

The works are made from non-intimidating materials far from the splendor of noble minerals such as marble or bronze. Khodavesi strives to work his sculpted paintings using mediums that are familiar to him. LEDs, stainless steel, perforated metal panels were already present in his activity of interior designer.

In a frame, the artist superimposes precut materials creating bas-reliefs in which are sometimes drawn faces sometimes silhouettes that light through the LED devices integrated to each table. His works of art look like sculpted paintings, with several depths levels, which communicate various messages.

The LED incorporated in his works bring a dual reading of his work. With the light, characters look as if they came to life ; god and goddess represented give breath and power to their representations.

You can discover more about the works of Abbas Khodavesi on his website : :

Val Carr – Ortolan

Born in Gabon in 1965, Val Carr Ortolan traveled in several countries, before settling in France. As a self-taught artist, she started by painting horses and their riders in pastel colors.

The strength and the elegancy of the horse inspire her. In her drawings, all the muscles are highlighted. The curves are perfectly marked to feel the movement, but also the emotion of the horse riders. Bodies merge, which creates an union of human and animal.

10 years ago, she decided to start sculpture. Horses and bulls started to appear in three dimensions.

However, contrary to one may thing looking at the above horse, she does not use clay or stone to create her sculpture, but paper. Small scraps of paper are assembled around a metallic structure, which allows the artist to express without any limit.

She captured her animal in the middle of their movement. Bodies are often distorted with large belly and small legs, which enforces their inability to flee ; as if they were trapped at the mercy of the spectator.

Val Carr Ortolan has already realized several exhibitions in France. She continues to create sculpture and painting.