Past Events

January 19, 2019, 2:47 pm

Exhibition "Do not Follow the line (Shanghai - 2018)

The aim of this exhibition was to present 10 atypical Chinese artists, but also to tell about the path of life of two human beings.

Two French engineers leaving all behind to become artistic agents and travel during one year through China to discover and promote contemporary local artists… Cultural clash, inspiring encounters, completely immersive adventure, adoption of a new approach to life, from France to China, from the scientific community to the world of art … Do not follow the line ! is a testimony of freedom and openness.

The exhibition was hold in MingQi Museum, Songjiang, Shanghai from the 24th of November until the 9th of December 2018. 

Exhibition "Emotional Drama with Lena Macka (Shanghai - 2018)

Lena Macka is a French young Artist, haunted by her double dark side. She intends to release her feelings of lost or her souvenirs of pain, through minimalist illustrations. 


For this exhibition, that we co-organized, the Artist realized one poem lecture and one  in live painting.

The exhibition was hold in ATA Space, M50, Shanghai from the 1rst of December until the 31rst of December 2018. 

Exhibition with Abbas Khodavesi (Brussels - 2018)

I met Abbas Khodavesi in Lille. He is an Iranian artist, who has been living in France for 40 years. He started to work as an interior designer. Mixing wood, metals and plastic, his creations were always surprisingly pop and harmonious. In each place he designed, he produced a tableau, mixing different materials revealing a character coming from another world.

The LED incorporated in his works bring a dual reading of his work. With the light, characters look as if they came to life ; god and goddess represented give breath and power to their representations.

We organized with the Artist one exhibition in Brussel, Bog-Art, in June 2018, which was greatly appreciated.

Collective sculpture with “Mystères du Grand Paris” (Paris - 2016)

In 2015, I missed events organisation. I embarked on a new adventure through the association “Les Mystères du Grand Paris” (The Mysteries of the Big Paris). The “Grand Paris” is the concept to bring together Paris and its suburbs to create only one big community, with common transport network and cultural exchanges. The second objective of the “Mystères du Grand Paris” was to create a novel serial that guiding the reader through the cultural aspects of the “Grand Paris”.

In June 2015, I organized, for this association, the “Grande Fête du Gros Paris” which gathered 15 associations.

This event was the opportunity to share ideas on the concept of “Grand Paris”, but also to attend artistic performances as concerts or street art frescos. My preferred idea was the creation of a collective sculpture. For this part of the event, I contacted the welder-artist Francky Bruneau.

He created an alien sculpture based on all the metallic elements brought by the guests. At the end, an impressive monster singing in the rain came to life !

You can discover more about the works and the artistic world of Francky Bruneau on the following link :

Fashion show on the 5 senses (Paris - 2011)

When I was in my engineering school (2010), I organized a special event on the 5 senses thematic. For this event, I contacted the French artist Pascaline Bonnave to create a fashion show. She created 5 dresses ; each of them being linked to one sense. The dress for the view was enlighted. The one for the hearing was tinkling. Her creations were poetic, sensual, in varied textiles.

Pascaline Bonnave is also a wonderful painter in naïve or realistic art.