Chinese Artist : Qi Yu

May 24, 2019, 3:21 pm

Qi Yu

We met Qi Yu in Xiamen, at the same time as Zhou Hongbin. His studio fascinated us instantly. 

Qi Yu was influenced by his father, who was a famous ceramist at Jingdezhen city, the town specialized in ceramics.

Another strong influence on his art was his faith in Buddhism.

In his works, he combines porcelain with painting to create a piece of art that is neither traditional porcelain nor general painting.

The ceramic-based production materials, through destruction, collage and splicing, complete a graphic work with paintings. Through the picture, you can see the porcelain pieces due to cracks. The gaps and bumps make the picture have a three-dimensional sense. In the local view, you can find a suitable distance from the left and right, the front and back, the different directions and angles, and the feeling of "moving" and "force".

Afterwards, through the free and occasional creation method, it can show the image of re-construction. Re-construction of his artworks and re-construction ofhimself. Through his first works, he tends to highlight the raising spirit of Buddha.


With the evolution of his works, the need to represent Buddha becomes more subtle. His works become more and more abstract, but the needs to represent harmony remains.


In parallel, marine creatures caught the eyes of Qi Yu. He uses his skills to create strange shapes that remind animals. Curves are soft and create an harmony within the space where it is exhibited.

« State n°016-004 », porcelaine, feuille d’or, 42*50*90 cm, 2016

« State n°011-001 », porcelaine, peinture à l’huile, 180*120, 2011

Qi Yu diverts ceramics art from Jingdezhen to give it a more modern sense. He breaks his ceramics, contorts them and makes them take a completely different face, which expresses, sometimes his faith, sometimes an abstract and pure work. The traditions are no longer destroyed but transcended.


1969   Born in Jiangxi, China

1991   Graduated from decoration department of Central Academy of Arts and Crafts

Currently Dean and Associate Professor in the Visual Communication Design Department of the Jimei University Academy of Fine Arts.

Director of the Xiangshan Art Museum in Beijing.

Member of the Science and Arts Committee of the China International Science Exchange Foundation of the Ministry of Science and Technology,

Deputy Director of the Xiamen Ceramic Arts Committee


Main Solo Exhibitions

2018   Surgical Elephant-Work Exhibition Xiamen Art Museum Xiamen

2018   Phases- Works Exhibition European Parliament Luxembourg

2016   ONE on ONE---Crystal Liu | Double Solo Exhibition World Gallery Hong Kong

2015   皈元---戚彧Art Works Exhibition Deyousbelt Castle Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

2013   皈元---戚彧Works Exhibition Central European Cultural Center Strasbourg, France

2012   Dou Shuiruxiang---戚彧Ceramic Works Exhibition Yuhe Detang Art Commune Xiamen

2009   Taoist Xiamen Art Museum Xiamen


Main Collective Exhibitions

2017   Wellington·Xiamen Artists Exhibition St.James Theater Wellington

2017   Bian Shang---Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art Experimental Exhibition Shandong Museum Beijing

2016   Chihe Shanhai---Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition Quito Catholic University Cultural Center Ecuador

2016   2016 SCOPE Miami Beach International Art Fair Miami USA

2015   SYNC/INKCHRONICITY--- China Contemporary Artists Exhibition World Gallery Hong Kong

2015   ARS VARIA Artists Association Exhibition PASSERELLE LOUISE Gallery Belgium - Brussels

2015   Year---Contemporary Art Exhibition Yue Art Museum Beijing