Chinese Artist : Liu ZhengYong

March 18, 2019, 10:38 pm

Liu ZhengYong

We met Liu Zhengyong, directly in his studio in Songzhuang, close to Beijing. Expressionist artist, specialized in oil painting, he magnifies bodies and faces.

When he was very young, he dropped into a fire pit, and he almost died in the accident. He was recovered after several years of treatment, but some scars were left. He was deeply struck by this accident, which drove him to become a little introverted.

He spent his childhood playing in the forest or near the river. He started to create many objects with nature elements and finally discovered oil painting.

He does not feel oil painting as a Western technique, but as a process and result able to transmit his understanding. As for himself, the aim of art is not to be aesthetic but to transmit an emotion that could be felt by everyone.


Great Fable (240x220), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2008

During a long time, Liu Zhengyong was tortured by the purpose and essence of painting. He traveled a lot in China, and all the artworks he saw did not convince him. When he came back to his studios, he destroyed and burnt all his previous works and finally felt released.

Then, he decided to create five paintings that should clarify what painting would be for himself. In case of failure, he would have definitively stopped painting.

Lucky for everyone, after these five creations, an intense expression was delivered, he succeeded to catch what he wanted to express, and he kept on painting !

Liu Zhengyong focuses on human bodies, most of which are sculptured busts. From frustrations to flaming emotion, each figure can be linked with a special background and a unique style. They are immune from reference to others. The body with the constantly simple and natural contour highlights the staunch background without any clear meanings.

The artist highlights the perception of the body with the thickness and strength of expressive colors, with the light and darkness, with emotion and energy.

Sensuous Body (200x170), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2017


He has painted many figures and portraits. All of them are people around him. Because they know and understand each other well, he can catch the emotions of his friend or himself and transmit it into his paintings. From frustrations to flaming emotion, each figure can be linked with a special background and a unique style.


Amnesia Series (180x160), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2017


The Sky (100x180), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2010

Self portrait of the Artist


Sensuous Body (160x120), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2015


Such strength of emotional loads leads to an unparalleled modernity and endows Liu Zhengyong an artistic language that carries meaning beyond time and place.  


Inductive Body Series (260x220), Oil Painting on Canvas, 2017




1980   Born in Hunan Province.

2004   Graduated from Oil Painting Department at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts


Main Solo Exhibitions

2016   New forms of movement  Ode To Art Gallery .Art Stage Singapore

2015   Rhizoma, Ying Gallery Beijing China

2014   Liu Zhengyong Solo Exhibition  Sete France

2012   Who's sky   Beijing 110 Gallery   Beijing China

2012   Sentinelles, Montpellier France          

2011   Lyon Biennale, Lyon France


Main Group Exhibitions

2015   China-Korea Youth Artists Exhibition   Korean Cultural Center of China   Beijing China

2014   Biennale China-Italia      (China BeiJing 。Italia)

            China Youth Contemporary Art (Asian Museum in Nice, France)

2013   Ingrandimento, a Collateral Event of the 55th Venice Biennale,Global Art Center                                         

           Foundation  Palazzo Mora Venice italy       

           Unbounded—Artworks by Chinese Contemporary Young Artists  Berlin Germany

2012   Wind direction— China-Russia Year  Russia Moscow Museum of Modern Art   Moscow Russia

            Normandy International Film festival. Normandy France

2011   From China's contemporary art, Montpellier France

2010   New Wave of Chinese contemporary art    University of California Museum of Art USA

2009   Lately history contemporary art exhibition   Royal Art Museum Tours France

            the 1st Chongqing Biennale   Chongqing Exhibition Center   Chongqing China 

             China’s critics nomination exhibition  Beijing Museum of contemporary art  Beijing  China