Chinese Artist : Jiang Wei

January 19, 2019, 1:52 pm

Jiang Wei

Jiang Wei is living in one Art Village in Chengdu (Sichuan Province). We met him directly in his studio, while it was raining quite hard outside. While everything was gray outside, we penetrated in his room full of colors ; we were stunned by the energy and power released from his canvas.

Everywhere, on the walls, his paintings were yelling a thirst of expression, a desire to show the youth’s emotions, with their pain, anger and joy.

Jiang Wei is one of the youngest artists we met. His creation techniques are based on a combination of numerical tools and paintings. He first draws a scheme on his computer, with a limited range of colors. Then, he reproduces this scheme on canvas with propylene painting. The use of computer software limits the possibility to create shade or gradient in his colors. The colors are presented intrinsically and without any ambiguity. He comes back to the essence of the colors and lines.


New Hairstyles, 70cmx100cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2016


This minimalism concept of colors can remind Pop Art current. However, the selected subjects of Jiang Wei are darker than in traditional Pop Art paintings, although he uses bright colors.

A lot of sarcasm can be felt in his work. His characters, most of the time, inspired from pictures, are transformed with a lot of collages, and become a metaphor of the pain felt by young Chinese people.

Gold and Silver Age, 100cmx100cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2017

They feel trapped, lost, in full deprivation. Each image, that was totally neutral before Jiang Wei’s touch, becomes a symbol of uneasiness of the Chinese youthfulness.

Jiang Wei, with a limited number of lines, touchs the heart and minds in a very deep way.

Red Apple, 120cmx80cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2018


Kafka on the head of the crow, 75cmx75cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2018


Rain, 60cmx50cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2018


Fallen Land, 80cmx100cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2018


“The value of art is a feedback to the viewer. My philosophy is simple: express what others have not expressed; express ways that others have not used. This kind of exploration is the greatest pleasure for artists.”


Mirror mirror tells me, 60cmx50cm, Propylene on Canvas, 2018


1988   Born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

2011   Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Art College of Sichuan University, China


Solo Exhibitions

2015   Midnight Zoo, Chengdu Years Art Museum


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017   Installment payment, Chengdu Blackstone Art Museum

            Occurrence and Resonance, Collection Exhibition, Guiyang Tianhai Art Museum

2016   Art Visibility, Environmental Theme Self-selected Exhibition, Chengdu Yucui Caotang Aesthetics Museum

2015   The Artist, Invitational Exhibition for Young Artists, Chengdu Black Box Sports Art Museum

              The Viciousness of Painting, Blue Roof Art Festival Independent Curation, Chengdu Blue Top

             Art up, Beijing Poly Ten Years, Art Code China Contemporary Qingfeng Art Fair, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall

2014   Split Polymerization, six-person exhibition, Chengdu Dawei Art Museum

            Chengdu Spring Salon 2014, Sichuan University Art Museum

            Successful, Double Exhibition, Blue Top Art Park

            Seeing the Big and Big, Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Chengdu V. Space

            19th New Star Art Festival, Beijing Today Art Museum

2013   Huangguang Youth Dialogue, Sichuan University Art Museum

            Longquan Artistic Conception, Sichuan University Art Museum

2012   Opening the Grain, Art Group Exhibition, Chengdu Luodai Qisheng Art Museum

2011   Painting and painting, Chengdu Luodai Qisheng Art Museum