Who are they ?

March 7, 2018, 11:13 pm

Short biography : Cyriane Fournier

My name is Cyriane Fournier. I am a French woman, born in Lille (North of France). When I was young, I wanted to work in the area of events organization. I was attracted by the creative spirit that it requires and the last minutes excitement. However, my educational pathway was running smoothly and I was encouraged to pursue scientific studies. Following a preparatory school in Paris, I integrated a Chemical Engineering school. I have fond memories of this whole period, which was a good opportunity to organize events in the school compound and in my apartment with special thematics.

I have always been attracted by China : Its language, its different vision of life, its diversity of landscape. For this reason, during my engineering chemistry studies, I started to learn Chinese. I think it was the course that requires me the most of work at Chimie Paris ! Naturally, I wanted to have an experience in China. I left in 2012 when I found a short-term contract to work in Corrosion Pipelines in Shanghai (Call me Miss Rust !). These 6 months in China made me evolve and step back distance from my own small world.

After this job, I came back to France to work as a Corrosion Engineer. This job is really interesting, with always new evolving issues to solve. Yet, it does not allow me to be totally complete.
As a matter of fact, I am actually attracted in all kind of arts and culture events. I have always tried to pursue some cultural activities outside of my working hours to satisfy my crazy artistic needs ! You can discover discover my past projects inside the corresponding tab.

Today, I feel ready to gather my need to come back to China and my thirst for artistic events organisation.