Chinese Artist : Gao Bo

August 6, 2018, 1:52 pm

Gao Bo

It is probably from Mao Yan’s lessons, that Gao Bo succeeds to catch such emotions in his portraits. Devoting himself to the demonstration and labor process of the techniques in his works, he needs meticulously to pay attention to every touch of painting.
The artist, Gao Bo, is born in Xuzhou and lives nowadays in Nanjing. He graduated at Nanjing University of the Arts in 1996. The famous painter Mao Yan was his teacher during several years.

However, he doesn’t want to be considered as a super realist painter. His paintings are always a dreamy trip through nightmare and reality.

In his Dream Loser series, the works of Gao Bo conveys the sense of darkness. His gloomy paintings imply pain and loneliness.

Red Hairs Friend (80*60)


小K (260*60)

In his phone call painting below, a woman is trying to make a phone call. Behind her, the chaos seems to grow. The number of cigarettes on the floor highlight the time she waits desperately to join someone. The concept is to let the spectator feel the individual helplessness more deeply and, in this context, people would need others and interpersonal communications more urgently.

Phone call


Later, in One-Finger Zen series, his paintings are more serene. People, upside down, are supported by their own finger. However, this peaceful atmosphere is only a façade, which traps the feeling of the artist : one person exists with only one finger on the ground to support the body. This implies the delicateness and weakness between the person and the world. Everyone seems to be in the state of falling, as a solitary island, in the condition of suspension.



With the same idea, Gao Bo painted people in the middle of the sky. They are not flying or falling, just floating between the spaces, as if it was impossible to control their life.

Flying III (300*200*3)

Gao Bo has created an ambiguous, dreamlike, poetic and groundless world, where only abnormal details and classic images broken into pieces are intensively depicted.

Mr. Du (60*50)

He realized several solo exhibitions in Nanjing and Beijing.