Chinese Artist : Nanchao

July 18, 2018, 1:14 pm


Born in Tianjin in 1977, he graduated from the CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts) in 2000. During his studies, he spent his time, looking for similarities and differences between Western and Eastern culture.

From his point of view, not losing its roots is a key point in life. Thus, his paintings are inspired a lot from traditional ink paintings. However, his objective is to blend the tradition with new movement in paintings.

On his first artistic works, he mixed the grafting Chinese traditional landscape painting with contemporary visual symbols of beauty. Those beauties are symbol from western world ; they evoke sensuality and sometimes erotism. This sensuality was unimaginable in the past Chinese traditional convention, Nanchao is part of the new generation and can express his desires directly.

Trip on the road n°54 (223*197)

His series, called “Trip on the road”, expresses the collision of young culture which oscillates between seek of modernism through capitalism culture and protection of traditions, still very rooted in China.

Later, he decided to express his conflict between traditions and desire of modernism in a different way. He found a way to pass ink painting from plane to three dimensions ; His main concept was : “Penetrating ink and rebuild space”.

Nanchao uses transparent resin, which he paints with ink and then immerged in a new resin. By this way, traditional ink paintings are transformed into sculpture frozen in a perpetual eternity.

The Cage of Zen n°6 (30*15*15)

Details of the Cage of Zen n°8 (200*40*40)

In a limited space, he uses the contemporary thinking to reform the semantic reference to life, death, activity and silence. By his artistic work, Nanchao lets the life open to transcendences.

The Babel (126,5*15*15)

Toward the Reborn n°10 (31,5*25*12,5)