French Artist : Valérie Carr Ortolan

July 9, 2018, 10:22 am

Val Carr – Ortolan

Born in Gabon in 1965, Val Carr Ortolan traveled in several countries, before settling in France. As a self-taught artist, she started by painting horses and their riders in pastel colors.

The strength and the elegancy of the horse inspire her. In her drawings, all the muscles are highlighted. The curves are perfectly marked to feel the movement, but also the emotion of the horse riders. Bodies merge, which creates an union of human and animal.

10 years ago, she decided to start sculpture. Horses and bulls started to appear in three dimensions.

However, contrary to one may thing looking at the above horse, she does not use clay or stone to create her sculpture, but paper. Small scraps of paper are assembled around a metallic structure, which allows the artist to express without any limit.

She captured her animal in the middle of their movement. Bodies are often distorted with large belly and small legs, which enforces their inability to flee ; as if they were trapped at the mercy of the spectator.

Val Carr Ortolan has already realized several exhibitions in France. She continues to create sculpture and painting.