The project

March 18, 2018, 9:32 pm

We are here right now !

This route was created using the website Le planificateur de voyages

From April to Decembre 2018, we (my boyfriend and I) will travel in most of Chinese provinces to discover new Chinese artists and help them to find recognition. Every town or village will be the opportunity to meet art teachers and to discuss with locals along the way in order to find unknown artists and draw a kaleidoscopic portrait of modern Chinese art.

What are the new emerging trends in painting, photography and sculpture? How are used the ancestral techniques of calligraphy of the breath, the perfection of the ceramics and the lacquers or the control of the bronze in the contemporary art? What are the new messages from Chinese artists? What does Art Brut look like in China and does it look the same in all provinces?

So many questions we will not try to answer, but open a voice, and leave a way or an idea to dig.

I have studied for one year Chinese History and Traditional art, to better feel the key features of Chinese art and understand their influence. While landscapes, animals and portraits reflect the wisdom and tumult of the “country of the middle”, sculptures in bronze, stone or terra cotta are characterized by their remarkable delicacy.

The most famous example is the Mausoleum of the Emperor Qin at Xi’an.

However, for the project, we are not looking for traditional art ; but rather for modern art as a piece at the crossroads between traditional skills and the spirit of the 21st century with its problematic and emancipation.

We met a first artist, one year ago, in the M50 district of Shanghai, called Xu Dong Ping. His painting below represents his vision of life in a small town in Europe.

The contrast (and the underlying provocation) between the bishop and the woman in swimming suit at the forefront reflects the occidental complexity. The colors and the sharp edge of the trees remind the Fauvism movement.

It is typically this kind of treasure that we would like to discover throughout our journey.

The next step shall then to create a partnership with the artists, in order to act as their agent and help them to arrange the exhibition and promotion of their works of art.

Every trip is first of all an exchange. Thus, in order to develop this exchange, we will present throughout our journey French emerging artists, who express, with their works of art, a facet of the new French contemporary art. You can discover the French artists we represent through the following link : French artists represented

It might also be considered to bring together, at the end of our travel, several artists met into one exhibition with a common thread. This exhibition could be for instance a representation of modern Chinese artists through French eyes.

Of course, we will also take the time to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the remoted provinces we will travel through during our trip.

If you want to help us in this project or are interested in creating a partnership, let us meet in one of the cities we will cross or contact us through the following link :  Contact.